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Plant Support Nettings

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BOP Nettings for plant & flower support:

• Using a system of guarding with an espalier net reduces the incidence of labor and the spread of diseases through contact transmission.

• Facilitates air circulation between plants, reducing fungal infections.

• Increases exposure to sunlight and improves photosynthetic efficiency.

• It increases the density of sowing by furrow and increases the percentage of pollination.


RAMPINET is a polypropylene mesh made of top quality UV-stabilized polypropylene through an extrusion and bi-orientation process that ensures excellent mechanical strength and durability. RAMPINET offers durability, ease of handling, resistance to external agents and is very versatile, in fact it is easy to install and has an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Light and easy to lay, UV-stabilized, resistant to bacteria, chemicals and mold, it is ideal for growing cut flowers and climbing vegetables.

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VERTICAL USE - Climbing plant Support

RAMPINET is stretched vertically fixing it to support poles. Carefully, leave the net slightly raised from the ground, so as to allow the horticultural seedling to develop so that the vegetal part can cling and climb along the mesh of the net. Ideal for the cultivation of peas, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, peppers, courgettes, climbing pumpkin and all climbing vegetables in general.


 ORIZONTAL USE - Flowers Support

RAMPINET is stretched horizontally and fixed transversely to poles arranged on the heads and positioned along the sides of the parcel. During the various stages of development and growth, the network continues to stretch horizontally, creating layers of boxes. Ideal for growing cut flowers, it allows them to grow rights and have a higher market value for sale. Perfect for the cultivation of carnations, chrysanthemums, gladioli, lilies, orchids, roses and snapdragons.

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- PRODUCT RANGE  Professional  


RAMPINET is available in smart and convenient packages specially developed for DIY and oriented towards the needs of the end user. It is possible, given the minimum quantities to be defined with our Office. Commercial, request label customization. The product is packaged in FlowPack and placed in boxes with standard quantities. On request, further measures are available, which can be customized according to the needs of our customers.

- Small Package   DIY  

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These products represent the standard range of Molteni Srl, if products with different characteristics than those indicated are required, do not hesitate to contact our Technical Department by email at

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