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Surface protection nettings

MP - Protection Sleeves

Surface Protection Nettings

MP plastic nettings are specially developed for the mechanical protection from knocks or rubbing of finished and semi-finished mechanical parts, of tools or objects with a delicate surface.


MP net is available in various weights, sizes and colors. MP is available both in rolls and in pre-cut pieces. The MP nettings are produced with first choice materials and therefore reusable several times, so as to limit costs and disposal.






The MP™ protection nets are designed to protect the products, machined parts and components from possible damage caused during storage, handling and transportation. The MP™ nets adapt to every irregular shape of the packed product offering an action of protection and shielding of delicate objects and machined components.

MP™ nets can be used in many applications, including the protection of metal components (matrices, shafts, screws, threaded components, ...), painted parts, cylinders, scuba diving cylinders, polished or chrome-plated pieces of office furniture (chairs, stools and table legs) and glass bottles, as well as being used in chemical laboratories as protection for flasks, columns and other containers.

MP™ plastic meshes are designed to adapt to the contours of irregularly shaped objects to provide protective cushioning at the edges and external surfaces. Protective MP™ nets are also decorative and can be used in industry, transport and retail. The range of MP™ products can be produced both in rolls and in pre-cut pieces, available on request.


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MP - Range of products

From today, MP™ nets will be available in convenient cardboard dispenser boxes which, thanks to a simple but efficient system, will facilitate the carrying out and cutting of the net.

Furthermore, the dispenser box protects the network from dirt, dust and light, keeping the product intact and clean for a long time, as well as tidy your work area.

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These products represent the standard range of Molteni Srl, if products with different characteristics than those indicated are required, do not hesitate to contact our Technical Department by email at

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